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Hello, Good day to you. The founder, Ask Mr Life Changer who has helped dozens of companies acquire relevant traffic, drive high-quality leads and increase sales through unique user experience (UX) website design and development with his signature SEO white-hat strategies, exclusive Google Ads / Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads strategies over 7 years in over 10+ different industries.

Over the past few years, he has been refining his exclusive system that made a record-breaking milestone – CONSISTENTLY increase to thousand visitors from zero visitor with 70k+ impression in first 3 months through his SEO white-hat tactics without any advertising cost.

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 Consistent Sales Performance 

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Additionally, we provide cost-effective solutions such as Social Media Ads: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, , lead generation services, SEO, UX mobile friendly corporate website, E-commerce website and landing page. If you would like to transform your business to next level, feel free to get in touch with us and fill up this form.

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To be the most desirable digital marketing company via online consultancy.


The “3Cs” to support various organizations and help them grow their business and increase their brand’s presence.

1.) Cost-effectiveness

Our rates are affordable based on business industry, complexity of work and client needs.

2.) Convenience

We are a digital marketing and advertising company in Singapore that offers digital marketing services to clients around the world via online consultancy.

3.) Comprehensiveness

We provide a one-stop digital marketing solutions to clients and help clients accelerate the growth of their business with integrity, trust, and responsibility.


#1.)  Trust and Integrity

Integrity and trust are one of the most important traits in providing our services to our clients.

 #2.) Professionalism

We follow Google’s, Facebook’s, and Instagram’s guidelines and policies so that you receive the most reliable services.

#3.) Value-Added

Our huge network is always getting first-hand information about new technologies and developments. This ensures that all your business needs are met.


Why Choose Us?

#1.) 2 Free Bonuses

After you submit this, we will contact you shortly and you will receive 2 FREE Bonuses from us. You will get a FREE quote via online consultancy and a FREE audit of your website. These help you accelerate growth of your business.

#2.) Experienced Personnel

Our team of professionals with decades of experience help you grow your business using exclusive digital marketing strategies discovered by Ask Mr Life Changer.

#3.) Efficient and Fast.

We ensure that we’re always following best practices and keeping with current trends. To ensure that your needs are met, we have a dedicated team of professionals will treat your project with special care and quick response. We pride ourselves on providing quick and quality services to our clients.

#4.) Save Your Invaluable Time.

Our team of experts will handle your business needs so you can spend more time to focus on your sales.

#5.) Affordable.

We offer the most reasonable prices in this industry. Our prices are based on the size and requirements of your business to ensure that you get the best value for your investment.

#6.) Convenience

Unlike others, our team brings to you a comprehensive solution for your business digital marketing needs. Our services include Google SEO, Lead Generation Services, Google Ads Campaign Management, Social Media Ads Campaign Management, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Mobile-friendly E-commerce Website, Mobile-friendly Corporate Website, Mobile-friendly Landing page and much more.

#7.) Cooperation

Unlike other, we look for opportunities to reach a win-win solutions with clients and cultivate a long-term relationship with them.

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